Our staff is comprised of a team with over 50 years collective Government Contract Sales and Marketing experience.  Our clients include among the highest earners within the government marketplace today.  We evaluate each client before we will endorse your company and work with you to ensure not only our success but yours as well.  We turn away more potential clients daily than we choose to work with, this secures your investment.  We are not in the habit of shoving a GSA Schedule Contract down the throat of a company that simply will not do well with this contracting vehicle, however, there are many clients we have that are now and continue to find extraordinary success through the Federal Supply Schedules.  Make no mistake there are many companies that are not successful with the FSS Contract as well.  This is why we take a more consultative approach to your Government Contracting Business Objectives. 

Federal spending is up. No matter how you might feel about that politically, it means great opportunity for government contractors. And that in turn means unprecedented opportunity for small and emerging businesses.


Let's face it the Government is omnivorous in that they purchase everything from paper clips to aircraft carriers.

During, National Small Business Week, the SBA set up a total of nearly four hours of training on how to compete for federal government contracts—with panelists including top SBA officials, contractors, and those who recruit subcontractors for the country's largest companies—companies that do a lot of government business. This was a generic webinar type seminar so this in many cases will not be a proven method for most.  That is the reason that companies like ours are so successful, we handle everything for you so you do not have to.  There typically, are 2 ways to get in Government Contracts, 1 is to do it yourself which means, navigating through hundred of pages of paperwork and getting them filled out (correctly), the other is to hire us!  Granted, there's something a bit meta about the U.S. government running classes on how to sell stuff to the U.S. government.  Setting that aside, you must keep in mind the Government Purchases everyday, and they purchase from companies just like you, so whether you want to contract directly with the government or carve out a niche as a subcontractor, we teach you key things about getting on the government payroll.


We started in 2001 as a small consulting firm we have grown now to over 73 employees and have expanded our space.  Our firm has the know how to help you take on the Government as a new client.  Do not wait until you are not busy to begin diversifying, then it is too late.